What I do:


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    Data-driven mindset

    Having been both a reporter and editor, I understand what data can bring to a story – whether it’s about technology, policy or criminal justice.

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    Data negotiation/public records

    After requesting and negotiating public records across all 50 states, I know how to get the data needed for a story or longer-term project.

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    Original reporting

    I don’t regurgitate press releases. Whether it’s a government agency or a technology company, let’s just say: I ask a lot of questions.


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    DSLR videography/photography

    I produce, shoot and edit my own pieces, with experience on both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. I’ve used everything from a Canon 60D DSLR to a JVC GY-HM100U to the Panasonic AG-HPX170P (“P2” camera).

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    360 video shooting/stitching

    I can produce 360-degree video pieces using something as simple as my Samsung Gear 360 camera to a more complex six-camera GoPro rig with Kolor stitching software.

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    AP Style

    I breathe AP style. But can also write in my distinctive voice.


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    Web design chops

    I’ve stared at more HTML and CSS for one lifetime and can build websites with WordPress or Jekyll frameworks.

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    Right platform for right story

    Sometimes a two-minute video makes sense; other times a 360-piece; other times an interactive visualization; other times simply an 800-word article. I can tell the story in the way that best makes sense.


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    Social media nut

    Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. And all those other ones. I use social media to monitor news, find sources, engage readers and promote stories.

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    Motion graphics

    I build motion graphics in After Effects and Photoshop that can sometimes be an effective way to tell a quick story on a Twitter stream or Facebook feed.