Interview with actor Karan Soni

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Published on: OZY – FROM AT&T COMMERCIALS TO COMEDY FAME? It’s not exactly the sexiest big break you could get. “We’re fine-tuning these small cells that improve coverage, capacity and quality of the network,” says a bespectacled Indian guy to a questioning woman. She’s just seen him climb down a ladder where he and a buddy are fiddling with some … Read More

Doritos inventor’s grandson sees dollar signs ln healthful food

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Published on: OZY – NPR – WNYC – Tim West’s grandfather invented Doritos chips and was an executive at the global snack food giant Frito-Lay. The younger West ate plenty of junk food growing up. But lately, he’s been much more interested in kale, quinoa and tree-ripened fruit. And the 30-year-old Bay Area food entrepreneur now wants … Read More

Why smartphone breaks at work aren’t such a bad idea

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Published on: OZY – Huffington Post – NPR – WNYC – By Anne Miller and Vignesh Ramachandran In that cubicle by the water cooler you see him: your employee, on your dime, tilted back in that pricey Herman Miller chair, his personal smartphone in hand. Judging by the furrowed brow, you’d guess it’s a hot game of … Read More

Jr., the animal-like robot

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NPR chose this story to feature as its “Weekly Innovation” pick. Published on: OZY – Featured as NPR’s Weekly Innovation story – WNYC – Remember “Weebo,” the floating robot from Robin Williams’ 1997 movie Flubber? A cute yellow bot that lived with Williams’ absent-minded professor character, “she” was a loveable gadget that seemed far-fetched at the time. … Read More

The new nursing shortage

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Published on: OZY – USA TODAY – On one hand, things are looking pretty dandy for nursing in the United States: the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected 19 percent growth in employment for registered nurses from 2012–2022. (Compare that to an 11 percent average growth rate for all occupations.) But here’s the twist: The recent recession made it … Read More