Social Media/Digital Projects for Stanford Journalism

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For the Stanford Journalism Program and the Stanford Computational Journalism Lab, I built branding, new websites and have managed both their digital presences for four years – including establishing a Twitter presence from scratch and growing a Facebook account. GROWTH IN FOLLOWERS AND LIKES: BEFORE: AFTER MY REDESIGN – FALL 2014: NEW LAB LAUNCH – FALL 2015: COMPUTATION + JOURNALISM … Read More

Are traffic stops prone to racial bias?

Vignesh Data, Writing

Published on: The Marshall Project – ARE TRAFFIC STOPS PRONE TO RACIAL BIAS? An attempt to find out confronts a frayed patchwork of data across the country. By VIGNESH RAMACHANDRAN and KATIE KRAMON How often does race come into play when cops stop motorists? The answer is: Nobody really knows. In the last few years, videos of traffic stops have … Read More

Interview with actor Karan Soni

Vignesh Writing

Published on: OZY – FROM AT&T COMMERCIALS TO COMEDY FAME? It’s not exactly the sexiest big break you could get. “We’re fine-tuning these small cells that improve coverage, capacity and quality of the network,” says a bespectacled Indian guy to a questioning woman. She’s just seen him climb down a ladder where he and a buddy are fiddling with some … Read More

Using ‘Hapkit’ to teach haptics, the science of touch

Vignesh Video, Writing

Published on: Stanford Engineering News – STANFORD-DESIGNED HAPKIT BRINGS PHYSICAL TOUCH TO THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM Stanford educators have designed a do-it-yourself kit that gives online learners hands-on experience by bringing haptics into virtual classrooms. Haptics refers to the sense of touch. The hands-on teaching tool is called Hapkit. Hapkit has a sensor, motor and controller board that can be programmed … Read More

Doritos inventor’s grandson sees dollar signs ln healthful food

Vignesh Still Photography, Writing

Published on: OZY – NPR – WNYC – Tim West’s grandfather invented Doritos chips and was an executive at the global snack food giant Frito-Lay. The younger West ate plenty of junk food growing up. But lately, he’s been much more interested in kale, quinoa and tree-ripened fruit. And the 30-year-old Bay Area food entrepreneur now wants … Read More

Why smartphone breaks at work aren’t such a bad idea

Vignesh Writing

Published on: OZY – Huffington Post – NPR – WNYC – By Anne Miller and Vignesh Ramachandran In that cubicle by the water cooler you see him: your employee, on your dime, tilted back in that pricey Herman Miller chair, his personal smartphone in hand. Judging by the furrowed brow, you’d guess it’s a hot game of … Read More

Jr., the animal-like robot

Vignesh Writing

NPR chose this story to feature as its “Weekly Innovation” pick. Published on: OZY – Featured as NPR’s Weekly Innovation story – WNYC – Remember “Weebo,” the floating robot from Robin Williams’ 1997 movie Flubber? A cute yellow bot that lived with Williams’ absent-minded professor character, “she” was a loveable gadget that seemed far-fetched at the time. … Read More